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Dear Mr. Bartosz Stroinski!

My name is Arcady Protasov. I am from Russia.
To my chagrin I don't speak Polish. Sorry.
I privately investigate the circumstances of the tragedy that took place on April 10th, 2010.
Here is my blog.
I affirm that Arkadiusz Protasiuk and his crew are not to blame for what happened. They were trapped and killed. And later they were slandered.
I affirm that the results and conclusions of the official investigation of MAK and KBWL rigged. I can prove it. But I'm missing a few facts to finish my investigation.
I'm a private person and I don't have access to the technical documentation and flight manual of the Tu-154M tail number 101(102).
My only chance - receive the information from a man who spent many hours in the pilot's seat in the cockpit of the Tu-154M tail number 101(102).
That's why I'm asking for help to you. Please answer my highly technical questions.

Here they are:

1. FMS UNS-1D has the possibilities to switch heading TRUE or MAG with a discrete input. Is there a TRUE/MAG switch in the cockpit of Tu-154M tail number 101(102)? If so, where is it located? Do FMS1 and FMS2 have their own individual TRUE/MAG switches or the switch is common for both FMS’s?

2. Where in the cockpit of the Tu-154M tail number 101(102) is the switch for leading FMS - "UNS1/UNS2" (SW1) to be found?

Where in the cockpit of the Tu-154M tail number 101(102) is the "WBE1/WBE2" switch (SW2) to be found?

Is there any dependence between the positions of "UNS1/UNS2" and "WBE1/WBE2" switches? If yes, then what is this dependence?

Answers to these questions are very important.

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Arcady Protasov (flanker20)

Link to this record sent to email of your wife Urszula.
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